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Traffic position

    First, traffic present situation: There are highways to lead to son Piao, Chiayi, salt solution, new camp in the foreign traffic of this area, and then connect every metropolis inside the province

       (1) Unite the other road: Sack garrison post important antithetical couplet other road have 17 - 158 - 161 - 170 - 172 - 163 platform county road.

       (2) Road of urban area to the sack: There are harbours from service station to sack on the 4th the north, there are roads 1-2, very open old peaceful way of road 1-5 in the south.

       (3) Transportation systems of masses: There is new camp's automobile passenger traffic at present and is engaged in automobile passenger traffic two companies of passenger traffic in Chiayi in the sack town.
    The operation route of the new camp's passenger traffic is the new camp - Justice bamboo - The sack, but in order to have sacks - justice bamboo - deer grass line - son Piao and the sack - Hong Kong the route of the passenger traffic of Chiayi - Such routes as son Piao,etc..

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