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The Chief

    Whether villager that love and respect everybody kind.
    Due to the villager's support in Qidong, has an opportunity to serve the people of the town, this is a responsibility, it is a kind of honor too, any of the people's gives repeated exhortations, Qidong will be regarded as a task, it finishes to join hands.

    Propose administrative efficiency, is it serve quality is between policy and administrative two large main shaft at present, it is at the beginning of for Qidong to take up one's post to substantiate, also think of and so as to be more black, especially, how to jump and take off the peaceful mortar of mechanical administration of civil servant at the basic level, improve attitude, with cordial, natural, tangible intension, share everything, build big sack should become diligent direction harmonious atmosphere of big family is all colleague.

    Development of the information network, enough to make the people and intergovernmental distance close, a lot of government decrees can make use of the network to spread to lead extensively to declare, the people's demand and doubt, can seek to be solved through the network, this is that one comes into the open with the field of transparence, the people's heartfelt wishes have not divided the hard iron detailedly, do not assign to the party groupings, it is that this town of administrative importance participates in government and political affairs.

    Blessing you sincere, happy health have Sack town Chief of town
    Cai Qidong Sincerely yours

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