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Geographical position and area

    It is even that the sack town lies in the southwest of good south plain, close to the Taiwan Straits, belong to more level land in the town, the alluviation that all previous for eight palm small streams to change its course and succeeding, land area is about 59 sq. km., east stone township of north street; Facing the Piao 's in the Northeast, there are bamboo townships of justice in the southeast, the southwest opposites a township of the north of Tainan and separated by eight palm small streams, it is the villages and towns of fishing port of one traditional strand; The fishing shrimp of surrounding area cultivates abundantly, especially the most well-known with the milkfish and oyster

    It is such bay topography as the commercial port and yacht harbour,etc. besides fishing port to have jurisdiction over the inland shape, there is a national-level mangrove ecological child care district besides, it is ' the national ecological park of strand ' to cooperate with the central policy to incorporate into.
    In addition the salt pan ( The mountain) Scene, visit fishing city, artificial sandy beach, seascape park, strand forest, ecological protection zone, temple, ancient Cuo, scene of fishing village naturally in being well beautiful and visit lagoons, view wild bird Wait for the activity to be visitors even more and stop so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return glamour for two days in week.

    So the main characteristic in the town that relevant industry culture are based on view the natural ecology, offer an intact educational place of coastal ecology to people too, can be regarded as one and have knowing nature and perceptual good place of travel concurrently.

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